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Welcome to the Learning Cebuano website, where you will be able to find products and free information to help you learn the Cebuano language. If learning Cebuano is truly your focus, we will help you achieve that goal.


When Filipinos see foreigners even attempting to speak their language, they smile like no body's business. I mean, they absolutely love it! Once you have visited here the first time, and after learning even just a few greetings, you will see what I mean.


In the eleven years that I have resided in the Philippines, primarily in Cebu, I have focused on learning not only about the culture, but the language commonly spoken in this part of the country, Cebuano. It has taken me a very long time to learn as much Cebuano as I know presently, but I have enjoyed learning it very much.


You know, as I previously stated, Filipinos do really enjoy seeing foreigners speaking their language, even if it is only a few words that you have picked up here and there. They love the fact that we respect them enough to learn even the smallest amount of Cebuano.


So, if it is learning the language to become fluent (in time), or if you would like to be conversational to be able to communicate with your Filipino friends and family while visiting or living in the Philippines, we have got something for you, available on this site.


Bud Brown, a long time friend and member of the Living In Cebu Forums, has written a complete course to help the most basic student, learn  Bud is fluent in a number of different languages, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Cebuano. Bud hails from the state of California, but has made the Province of Cebu his home.


Learning Cebuano (.com) offers Bud Brown's course, Essential Cebuano. Please click the banner below, to learn more about the course:


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I am very excited to see this come about, especially since I have focused on learning Cebuano for so many years. I have personally enjoyed taking part in helping others to learn the language, even if only enough of the language to get by on, while visiting their families the Philippines.


Thanks for visiting



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